Kevin Staut

Identity card

Last name: STAUT
First name: Kevin
Discipline: Jumping
Nationality: French
Nickname: Pronounced « Kévain »
Birth date: 11/15/1980
Place of birth: La Chesnaye

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Kevin wears:

Premium Dark Grey
Top Lizard
Trim Chrome black
V-Skin black

Discover with questions

Years riding: From 10 years old
Favorite rider: Michael Whitaker
Favorite horse: Nino des Buissonnets
Horse you dream to ride (or to have ridden): Nino des Buissonnets
Most memorable performance: Silver medal as team WEG Lexington
Favorite music: U2
Favorite travel: USA
Favorite film: Requiem for a dream
One thing you can’t leave home without: My riding boots!
Favorite food: Asian food
Country you’d like to live: Scandinavia
Favorite other sport(s): Tennis

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