Rodrigo Almeida

Identity card

First name: Rodrigo
Discipline: Jumping
Nationality: Portuguese
Nickname: Almeida
Birth date: 11/22/1992
Place of birth: Porto


Discover with questions

Years riding: From 6 years old
Favorite rider: Marcus Ehning
Favorite horse: Balou Du Reventon
Horse you dream to ride (or to have ridden): Comme Il Faut
Most memorable performance: Victory in the 5* Grand Prix of Athens
Favorite music: It depends on my state of mind!
Favorite travel: Bali
Favorite film: None in particular, I prefer sport to cinema!
One thing you can’t leave home without: My phone!
Favorite food: A good piece of meat or seafood!
Country you’d like to live: The one I live in right now, Holland
Favorite other sport(s): Surf and wakeboard