Ester Soldi

Identity card

Last name: SOLDI
First name: Ester
Discipline: Dressage
Nationality: Italian
Birth date: 02/15/1970
Place of birth: Milano

Ester wears:

Shadowglossy blue
Top Shadowglossy
Trim chrome black
V-Skin Swarovski blue

Discover with questions

Years riding: 28 years
Favorite rider: Isabell Werth
Favorite horse: Valegro
Horse you dream to ride (or to have ridden): Utopia
Most memorable performance: Kür of Lyon
Favorite music: Italian
Favorite travel: Peru
Favorite film: James Bond
One thing you can’t leave home without: My dog
Favorite food: Fish
Country you’d like to live: Italy
Favorite other sport(s): Swimming

Opinion about Samshield / their products:

Excellent brand. Very good products, elegant and modern.