A new customization option is now available for Samshield helmets: the Sparkling.

The Sparkling is an Alcantara piece decorated with Swarovski crystals. The precise cut of the crystals creates a subtle sparkle and an amazing shimmer effect.

The Sparkling is available for the top part of the Shadowmatt, Shadowglossy, Miss Shield and Premium helmets. It is also available for the frontal band option of the Miss Shield.

Five colors of Sparkling are available: Jet Light Black, Denim Blue, Greige Dorado, Vintage Rose and Progressive Pink.

Jet Light Black: black crystals with chrome rim creating an optical illusion and a wonderful shimmer

Denim Blue: blue crystals with light chrome rim providing a beautiful sparkle

Greige Dorado: a subtle mix of gold and bronze colors which brings a delicate shimmer

Vintage Rose: a pale rose which fits perfectly with the pink gold trim and blazon

Progressive Pink: a gradient from a pale to a darker pink color

Recommended public price of the top option: 300,00€
Recommended public price of the frontal band only: 150,00€