New options are now available for the customization of the helmets: the Crystal Comet and the Crystal Comet Light.

The Crystal Comet is designed on a base of Alcantara® fabric on which are stamped Swarovski® stones looking like little comets. The special cut of the crystals intensifies the strong light reflection and creates exceptional brilliance and premium appeal.

Two versions are available: the standard one (Crystal Comet) and the light version with less crystals (Crystal Comet Light).

The Crystal Comet and the Crystal Comet Light options are available on black, blue, brown and grey Alcantara® as top and frontal band. Four colors of crystals are available: Jet Black, Aquamarine, Colorado Topaz and Crystal.

Discover this option and customize your helmet on the Configurator.

crystal comet 01

crystal comet 02

crystal comet light 01

crystal comet light 02