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Helmet standards

Helmet standards

Samshield surpasses required safety standards

Certification standards guarantee the conformity and quality of helmets.

They allow them to be approved, which is essential for riding at the highest level, by subjecting helmets to a series of tests and checks:

- Impact on the front, back and sides of the helmet;

- Stability on the head in the event of a fall;

- Lateral crushing;

- Resistance of the retention system.

These standards are very strict and regularly evolve to meet more stringent requirements in order to ensure better protection for riders.

This year, the standard has evolved to include new technical constraints.

Samshield collabore avec le CRITT (laboratoire certifié français réputé pour être le plus exigeant au monde) pour s’assurer que toute la production respecte ces normes et réponde au mieux à ces exigences en les anticipant dès la conception du produit.


The tests

The tests

- The impact test involves the rider falling on his or her head and measures the product's ability to absorb a net impact. The requirements of this new standard are very similar to those for motorbike helmets.

- The lateral deformation test simulates the crushing of the helmet by the horse during a fall. It measures the helmet's ability to resist deformation. This test is a major development. It did not exist in previous approvals. The requirements of the new standard for lateral deformation are identical to those for motorbike helmets.

- The penetration test measures the helmet's resistance to blunt objects that could penetrate the air intake zones.

The test results are very positive and well above standard scores.

Samshield is proud to offer products that exceed the highest safety standards.

Shadowmatt and Premium helmets are CE EN1384:2017 and ASTM/SEI certified.

Finnish declaration of conformity

Safety: new helmet standards