After-sales service

After-sales service

How does the Samshield after-sales service work?

In case of a fall?

The outer shell is highly resistant. In the event of an impact, it's the inner shell which, by collapsing in on itself, absorbs the impact energy and protects the head.

On the other hand, once a shock has been sustained, the inner shell does not return to its original shape, which is why it is extremely important to have your helmet checked after every fall. We find that it's not uncommon for riders to continue riding with a damaged helmet after a fall, even though there's a consequent risk that the helmet is no longer safe.

In response to this problem, Samshield is the only brand in the world to offer an after-sales service capable of replacing the inner shell with a new one, while retaining the same outer shell. This means you can guarantee your safety without having to reinvest in a new helmet.

This service is available within 5 years of purchase. A Samshield helmet is therefore a safe, long-term investment.


When received it will be totally checked in order to determine if it’s really damaged.

Depending on the damage observed we will propose:
• either to replace damaged parts* (50.00€)
• either, if the helmet has less than 2 years old, to proceed to a full exchange of the helmet at a special price (a quotation will be proposed).

Obviously Samshield helmets have a one year warranty in case of defect.

*This is a service which is proposed for the 5 first years** of a Samshield helmet. This is not a warranty. This package includes time spent, spare parts and freight charge.

**Due to evolving helmet standards, technologies and the potential for unseen material deterioration, it’s recommended that you replace your helmet every five years.

For more information about Samshield services, contact our team by email, by phone at 03 44 84 29 56 or via the contact page.


If you would like to change/make a cosmetic alteration your personal existing helmet (top/frontal band/trim or blazon) this will be subject to a Customisation Charge of 20 euros on top of the RRP of the option you would like to add.

For example, if you would like to add a custom trim = (20 euro customisation charge + 100 euro for custom trim = 120 euros).

Send back your helmet to the Samshield workshop

To send back your helmet to the workshop in order to be checked and/or repaired, please complete the Order Form downloadable below and join it with your helmet.

ATTENTION: FOR THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA, please fulfill the order form and send it to the following email address:

We will contact you shortly to let you know how to send your helmet to the workshop.

ATTENTION: FOR THE AUSTRALIA, please fulfill the order form and send it to the following email address:
We will contact you shortly to let you know how to send your helmet to the workshop.

choose the order from that corresponds to my country

Please send back your shipment to the address below:

PAE du Haut-Villé
10, Avenue du Beauvaisis
60000 Beauvais

Only for France: Please join a cheque of the amount due for reparation/exchange.

Concerning other countries: please add your phone number and/or your email address. In case of payment, a Samshield teammate will contact you to do it by credit card.