A riding helmet that will provide more active and passive safety, greater comfort, noble materials and customization.

Samshield's creator, Sam Maloigne, was a professional international motocross/supercross rider from 1980 to 1990, then sales manager at Oakley eyewear. He started riding in 2003, thanks to friends who competed in show jumping. He bought his first "bombe", the flagship product of the time, and was immediately disappointed by its technical shortcomings, noting that some professional riders were equally dissatisfied.

Passionate about beautiful products, and helmets in particular (he collects all his personalized helmets from his MX career), he decided to launch a project to create a riding helmet that would provide more active and passive safety, greater comfort, noble materials and personalization.

Olivier Taco, a student designer and creator of Iguaneye shoes who was spotted by Oakley at the time, and three young show jumping "future talents" (Nicolas Delmotte, Simon Delestre and Kevin Staut) helped him develop the product. Strongly influenced by Jim Jannard, Oakley's creator, Sam kept the American genius' philosophy in mind for the other products he would create: "only launch a product when you're sure it will be the best on the market". In the years to come, he will continue to call on the same designer and the riders who have since become world-renowned.


Samshield was born of the marriage between the analysis of the needs of young professional riders, the creative enthusiasm of young designers and the disciplined technical vision of engineers.

Samshield's philosophy is always to offer products that offer real progress in terms of technology, active and passive safety, comfort, hygiene, quality of materials, quality of finish and personalization.

Today's equestrian demands innovation, and Samshield has added elegance and distinction.



Driven by a passion for offering the best-performing products, Samshield always has its products tested by professional riders such as Kevin Staut, Steve Guerdat and Bertram Allen before launching them on the market.

Samshield's helmets are tailored to the specific needs of show jumping, dressage, racing, cross-country and polo in terms of protection and comfort.

In 2012 Samshield launched the first model in its range of riding gloves with the V-Skin designed for competition and professional riders. In 2014, Samshield develops a high-performance winter model: the W-Skin.

En 2017, Samshield lance une ligne de vêtements et d’accessoires techniques combinant fonctionnalité, confort et élégance. Passionné de technologie et d’innovation, Samshield a créé en 2018 des étriers de sécurité, résultat de la fusion d’exigences en termes de technicité, de sécurité et de performance dans un design innovant.

Le bureau R&D de Samshield travaille avec la détermination de générer les meilleurs produits du marché, et de constamment améliorer sa gamme existante.

A l’origine en 2005 seuls quelques cavaliers de la région de Chantilly (France) ont pu acquérir les premiers casques Samshield, aujourd’hui c’est dans le monde entier que la marque est reconnue et distribuée.

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