The color of the Shadowmatt helmet trim is now customizable!

Select one of the 26 available colors or simply give your color reference (pantone code).

It’s also possible to embed Swarovski® stones on your custom color trim: 5 frontal stones or 255 stones (full Swarovski). 7 stones colors are available: crystal, crystal-black, gold, light blue, pink, red,

Then select the color of the blason from the 3 available colors*: chrome, chrome black, chrome gold.

Recommended public price of the custom color trim option: 100.00€
Recommended public price of the 5 Swarovski option: 70.00€
Recommended public price of the 255 Swarovski option**: 300.00€

*The color of the blason is not customizable if the color of the trim is not customized.
**When the 225 stones are setted on a custom color trim the optional cost for ‘‘custom color trim option’’ is not charged.