Manuel Añon

Identity card

Last name: ANON
First name: Manuel
Discipline: Jumping
Nationality: Spain
Nickname: Manu
Birth date: 07/18/1992
Place of birth: A Coruña (Spain)


Manuel wears:

Premium navy blue
Top leather
Trim white
V-Skin grey

Discover with questions

Years riding: 2001
Favorite rider: John Withaker
Favorite horse: Baldo DS
Horse you dream to ride (or to have ridden): Hickstead
Most memorable performance: WEG Kentucky – World Championship (experience) – Europe Championship Junior Prague 2005 – Gold medal (most beautiful moment)
Favorite music: Spanish music
Favorite travel: Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
Favorite film: Blood Diamonds
One thing you can’t leave home without: iPhone / my watch
Favorite food: Good italian pasta (al dente)
Country you’d like to live: SPAIN (of course)
Favorite other sport(s): Athletics

Opinion about Samshield / their products:

Samshield might not be the leading brand yet, but has completely changed the philosophy of riding in terms of style and security.