Shadowmatt helmets are now available with Alcantara®, Flower Swarovski and Lozenge Swarovski top options!

Alcantara® is a synthetic composite composed of polyester and polyurethane. Alcantara® is produced by combining an advanced spinning process which give it the appearance and tactile feel of the suede. Alcantara® offers great stain, abrasion and discoloration resistance and durability.

Flower Swarovski is a top designed on a base of Alcantara® fabric. It’s a fine thread flower style embroidery on which are stamped crystal Swarovski®.

The Lozenge Swarovski top is a mix of Swarovski® headnails and crystal stones stamped on a base of Alcantara® fabric.

Shadowmatt helmets are certified to CE-VG1 01.040 2014-12 and ASTM/SEI.

Recommended public prices:
Alcantara top (option only): 70,00€
Flower Swarovski top (option only): 300,00€
Lozenge Swarovski top (option only): 250,00€
Available in black, blue, grey and brown


Samshield_Shadowmatt_brown_Lozenge Swarovski