Inspired by premium motorcycle helmets technology, Samshield helmets are made of the most performant materials in order to offer to exigeant riders a real advance in terms of protection and comfort.


Lifted by the success of the very first limited edition “MATT COLLECTION”, Samshield presents a new and unique “Limited Edition”. To satisfy the unique enthusiasm aroused by this collection, Samshield is pleased to propose the exclusive matte version
of its blazon, to adorn the different models of its range and to present 7 versions never seen before (available in Black and in Blue). This new collection is characterized by the combination of matt blazons and trims along with noble materials
such as Alcantara® and leather to offer helmets with an outstanding bi-material effect on Matt, Glossy and Premium shells. The “Limited Edition” signature embroidered on the chinstrap and Swarovski® crystals adorning the trims of women’s helmets
bring a surplus of exclusivity and refinement. With the “Limited Edition”, Samshield offers a rare collection that perfectly embodies the motto #RedefiningTheRide and our desire to offer helmets that allow you to practice your passion in complete
safety and with inimitable style.


Create a unique Samshield®: like you!

From the 4 available shell colors (black, navy blue, chocolate, dark grey) select one of the: • 30 colours of trim (chrome, chrome black, pink gold, ivory, navy blue mat…) • 2 Swarovski® stones embeded trim (5
frontal stones or 250+5 stones). Stones color available: gold, crystal, crystal-black, light blue, pink, red, orange • 17 materials for the top part (leather, Alcantara®, Flower Leather, Crystal Fabric Swarovski®, Flower Swarovski,
Lizard, Python, Galuchat, Crocodile, Lozenge Swarovski, Shimmer Leather, Crystal Medley®, Shield Swarovski, Sparkling, Flower Swarovski Jewelry, Crystal Comet, Crystal Comet Light) • 4 colours of blason/air vent (chrome, chrome
black, chrome gold, pink gold) • Possibly provide us your sponsor, your team logo, your name or the flag of your country.

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Technology of Shadowmatt & Premium helmets


Before drawing Samshield helmets we have surveyed hundreds of amateur riders, pros, ponies and their parents. We asked them what they were complaining about their current helmet. Their answers were unanimous. With Samshield helmets forget your problems

Safety The outer shell made of high quality polycarbonate (material used, among other things, for high-end motorcycle helmets) and the variable density polystyrene inner shell provide an excellent dissipation of the energy produced
upon impact and allow Samshield to exceed safety standards required. More info

Ventilation Fresh air is channeled from the front entrance to the back extractors of the helmet. This concept generates a strong internal airflow avoiding the need for visible and unsightly air inlets and preventing perspiration.

Stability The shape memory internal comfort foam (called ‘‘liner’’), ensuring a constant thickness over the years of use, and the semi-rigid jugular cancel all risks of tipping the helmet in case of a violent movement.

Adjustment Three shell sizes are available. Each shell can accommodate different sizes of inner foams in order to obtain a perfect adjustment to the rider’s head. With this system, it is also possible to follow the growth of a
young rider.

Comfort A thorough anthropomorphic study led to design an inner-shell form generating an unmatched comfort. The pressure is reduced on the forehead to avoid headaches.

After sales service Replacement of eventual damaged parts in case of impact.

Hygiene Removable and washable internal comfort foam thanks to a strong clip system.

Technology of XC & XJ helmets

Here is the list of active safety (ability to reduce dangerous situations) and comfort issues described by riders and jockeys, and the solutions and changes we brought to the design of the XC helmet:

Safety Carbon fiber outer shell construction combined with polystyrene inner shell provides excellent impact absorption and allows Samshield helmets to exceed safety standards required. More info

Sweating Incredible airflow by air canalization.

Headache A thorough anthropomorphic study led to design an inner shell form generating an unmatched comfort.

Rotation The internal comfort foam (liner), “shape memory”-kind, ensuring a constant thickness over the years of use and the semi-rigid jugular cancel all risks of tipping the helmet in case of a violent movement.

Inside cleaning Insert (liner) removable (clip system fixation) and washable.

After sales service Replacement of eventual damaged internal polystyrene shell in case of impact.

Esthetics It is no longer necessary to cover the helmet with a hat to hide an outdated style.

The XC helmet was designed to meet active and passive safety requirements for extreme disciplines which are cross-country and racing. These requirements being more important than for dressage and jumping, a specific certification is required to participate
in international competitions for these disciplines: PAS015 standard. This standard requires to increase the thicknesses of the inner and outer shells, and necessarily creates more weight. Therefore, for the XC helmet, Samshield decided to choose
a pure carbon fiber external shell, a composite material providing an unbeatable strength / weight ratio. The inner shell is made of polystyrene with variable density providing a better dissipation of the energy produced upon impact. For this
purpose XC helmet is designed and produced in a South Korean premium motorcycle helmets factory (Koreans are known to be the best producers of motorcycle helmets with the Japanese). The XJ (Jumping version of the XC) has the same technical features.
XC and XJ helmets meet CE VG1 01.040 2014-12, BS VG1 01.040 2014-12, PAS015:2011 and SEI/ASTM F1163 standards.



To clean the outer shell of the helmets (Shadowmatt, Premium Alcantara, XC or XC-J) it is recommended to use cleaning wipes or simply a wet sponge with natural soap. Helmets should be left to dry naturally. To maintain the leather chin strap of the
Premium, XC or XC-J helmets, it is recommended to use boot polish with silicone that will waterproof the leather (same process for the leather top of the Premium). To clean the liner it is possible to use a washing machine but best way is hand
wash with soap because it doesn’t need a 30’/1h washing program!

Always inspect the inside and outside of the helmet as well as the chin strap before and after use. When the helmet is not use, it should be stored away from the light. The helmet should never be exposed to temperatures lower than -20°C or higher
than +50°C. Any contact with corrosive or aggressive substances should be avoided. Use solvents can alter the characteristics of the helmet and compromise its quality. The life-span of the helmet will depend on its careful maintenance and use.