Clotilde Metal Dots

Clotilde Metal Dots water repellent breeches

The Clotilde Metal Dots breeches have been made from water-repellent, draught-proof and breathable fabric. It protects you from cold and bad weather without restricting your mobility. The adaptive style and gaiters on the back ensure perfect fit. Being made from durable, hard-wearing and non-slip elastic fabric, the Clotide Metal Dots breeches provide maximum comfort. Thanks to knee pads and compression fabric around the calves, Clotide Metal Dots provide comfort, a good grasp and excellent fit. Clotide Metal Dots breeches have been festooned with a Samshield logo of metallic dots on the upper leg.

3 available colours: white, taupe, navy class


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Recommended public price: 239€*

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