Balzane Cushion

Balzane Cushion socks

The Balzane Cushion socks provide for graduated compression, which improves the blood flow and venous return for better oxygen supply to the muscles. These ultra-breathable socks promote the feet‘s regeneration and improve their position for enhanced performance and perfect wearing comfort. Since they are seamless and the fabric has been reinforced at sensible spots, they prevent chafing and injuries. The anti-slip-technology ensures ideal support and a perfect fit. The Balzane Cushion socks improve the muscles performance by reducing muscle fatigue and thus promoting a good riding posture.

2 available colours: black, navy

Available sizes

36-38 (S), 39-41 (M), 42-44 (L)

Recommended public price: 16€*

* The indicated price is a recommended resale price by Samshield. We can’t ensure its implementation.
It can vary from one dealer to another. Inquire directly from the store of your city.