Modern riding demands innovation: Samshield adds elegance and distinctiveness

Testimonials of Samshield users

Yann Candele

- Canada, Ontario

I have been sponsored by some Helmet companies before I tried Samshield. I changed immediately simply the best helmet I ‘ve ever worn, confortable, amazing air-flow, easy to wash and clean, super safe and for once, stylish. I recommend the product to my clients, friends and to you… Yann Candele, International Jumper Grand Prix rider.

Kathrin Parry


WOW!!! Helmet arrived 2 days ago. Thank You for the fast and friendly customer service. The possibility of replacing damaged parts makes the purchase of a Samshield helmet even more worth it. The whole Samshield experience has been a very pleasant one (except for my daughter’s injury) from the great service from Lesley at the Saddledoctor when buying the helmet to receiving quick communications from Samshield and getting it expertly fixed in France. Thank You, great customer service! Kathrin Parry.

Veronika M.


I was in an accident on my horse. The worse offense to my new helmet occurred when my colt reared up right under the barn isle eve and smashed my head on the metal overhang. My helmet did its job and protected my brain. The damage to the helmet isn’t severe, but I fear the quality is compromised. I really appreciate a quality helmet these days! If you have a replacement policy, I would take any model you have available. Veronika M.

Lili B.

- United Kingdom

A couple of weeks ago, I took a really heavy hard fall onto concrete off my 17hh horse. I landed on my back, then hit my head. The noise was unreal, so loud. After I brushed myself off, I checked the hat in the mirror before I took it off. I couldn’t believe it, not a single mark. My hat definitely took the brunt of my fall. I have the shadowmatt, and I have bought the same for my father. I think these hats are brilliant. With any other I am certain I would have had a major head injury or concussion. I will not use any other hat again, they were fantastic, I am so pleased with it and will highly recommend others. Lili B.

Sara G. B.


My Samshield saved my life. I got my first new Samshiled only over a week ago and I couldn’t possibly have been more excited. Yesterday I experienced the worst fall I’ve ever had over my almost 12 years of riding. I was on a jumping lesson and fell under the horse while going over a little oxer. My horse stepped on my rib cage with one of his hands and hit my head with the other. I ended up with three broken ribs, but my head 100% ok. Thats why at the begining I didn’t even believe he had hit me on the head at all. My old helmet was a Cavalkade and every little fall would let me with a concussion or simply weeks of head ache. Cleaning my Samshield after the fall made me realize the horse’s hoof left a big deep dent on one of the sides of the helmet and broke the inside material. This is when I realized the Samshield helmet literally saved my life. Wouldn’t I have had my helmet on I would certainly ended up with a broken skull and it also made me notice the poor quality of my previous helmets and the importance of expending on a prime quality helmet, like the Samshield. I highly recommend this helmet to everybody and given my experience with it I don’t think I will ever switch to a different brand. #samshieldforlife

Ashleen L.


I used to be a firm believer in my xxxxxxxxxxx Speed Air. When I was showing at WEF this winter, I took a spill where I landed on my butt, however my Speed Air fell off my head. Considering I haven’t even hit my head this really bothered me. So I took it upon myself to go to the tack store and pick up a Samshield Premium helmet. This past week at the Spring Spectacular Series I took a very bad fall in the Performance Hunters. My horse landed wrong, I went face first into the ground and he flipped over me. We were then both getting up at the same time and he kicked me with both front legs, one smashing me on the left side of my head. My Samshield helmet took the brunt of the impact. And while my Samshield definitely needs to retire now, I am very thankful because the doctors said I would have been dead if not for my helmet. It is incredible how well it stuck to my head despite two impacts in a short period of time. Although the fall still ended me up in the hospital, I am very thankful to my Samshield that I have no serious injuries and I will be back in the ring shortly. I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for your helmets. Ashleen L.

MaryKay H.


Thank you Samshield! My daughter took a bad fall today at WEF, your helmet may have cracked, but her head didn’t. After and afternoon of being at the hospital, she had no bleeding, bruising or fractures on her brain. While she is in head pain and body pain and can’t return to competions till she’s cleared by the Federation rules, I’m glad she was wearing your helmet. Thank you! Scariest moment of my life when your child takes a fall and you go through that one time when she falls off her horse and doesn’t get up and is transported by ambulance. I’m sticking with your helmet. Sincerely, MaryKay H.

Heather Blitz


I think the quality of Samshield helmets is exceptional. I have ridden in a Samshield for over a year and a half and have seen my helmet sustain it’s performance and looks over that time. The foam lining is still as good as the day I got it and that’s after months and months of wearing it all day in a very hot Florida climate. It easily snaps out and can be thoroughly washed. I don’t feel any additional heat from wearing my Samshield. Actually, I think it’s cooler than if I don’t have it on. It’s comfortable, stylish and easy to keep like new! Heather Blitz, Dressage Grand Prix rider.

Katie A.

- United Kingdom

Just received my hat back. I cannot thank you enough the service was amazing and I am so happy I can wear my Samshield again. Thank-you for the wonderful service! Katie A.

Liz D.


My good friend’s mother had a riding accident a few days ago and was wearing her Samshield. It didn’t move one bit, and truly saved her. The family is SO impressed! Amazing product. Liz D., Horse & Style Magazine

Alie M.


I just wanted to thank Samshield for designing an extremely safe helmet. About a week ago I had a very bad fall from my horse while jumping. My trainer said my head and back hit the ground at the same time. While I ended up fracturing three of my lumbar vertebra, I amazingly had no concussion. The doctors were very surprised I had no head injuries after hitting the ground hard enough to fracture my spine. I luckily just purchased my new Samshield about a month or two before the accident. I owe everyone at Samshield a huge thank you for protecting me from further injury and I will be purchasing a replacement helmet from Samshield because I am so pleased with your product! Alie M.

Shayne M.


I have to give that helmet a glowing endorsement!! What an amazing fit. It’s so snug and comfortable and yet so light on the head. And the ventilation is incredible. Even at the walk the air flowed through so well. It was nice to get off after the end of a long training session and not feel overheated. Thank you!! Shayne M.

Catherine G.


I purchased a Samshield Premium helmet from Smartpak in November. I fox hunted in it from November to early January, when a bad fall kept me out of the saddle for about a month. My horse slipped while galloping in the hunt field, and I was thrown. I hit the frozen ground first with my left hand, dislocating my wrist and breaking my arm in two places. My head hit next. I had to leave the field in an ambulance, and I had surgery to put a plate in my arm to stabilize the broken bones, but my head suffered absolutely no injury, thanks to this helmet. Having had many falls in my 20+ years of riding, I was astonished at how well this helmet absorbed the impact of the fall. I had no concussion, and no shoulder or neck pain. This is truly an amazing product, and every rider should wear one. Thanks again for such a great product, and for keeping my head safe!! Catherine G.

Cynthia B.

- Switzerland

I just wanted to thank you for saving my life… I spent 5 days in the hospital last week…! I fell really bad from a horse and broke my collarbone (not unusual for a rider)! But I realised how lucky I was when I looked at my helmet that I bought 3 months ago!
The firemen who rescued me told me that without this helmet I wouldn’t be alive… I had a bump on my skull for a week! And a big bruise! You can’t imagine how thankfull I am… I wish everyone would wear a helmet… I almost killed myself on this horse back and I know that without a proper, secure helmet I couldn’t write this message today… So thank you! Thank you for protecting us and keeping your promises! Cynthia B.

Courtney L.


Thank you for making such a great helmet! I had a fall about a month ago and my helmet, the Shadowmatt, didn’t budge despite making contact with the ground! I realize that’s what we all strive for in selecting a helmet, but not everyone achieves that result. It’s an amazingly comfortable helmet to ride in and, knowing I have such wonderful protection when I need it, I won’t be going anywhere else! Courtney L.