Modern Riding
demands innovation :

Samshield adds elegance & distinctiveness


regarding Shadowmatt & Premium helmets produced in April 2015

New down vest and sweatshirt

Now available

New XJ matt helmet

The Jumping version of the XC is now available in matt black

Shadowmatt Polo, Premium Polo & Polo Visor

Shadowmatt and Premium helmets are now available for Polo sport!

Kevin Staut

Samshield ambassador since 2005

New Crystal Medley top

Available on Premium and Shadowmatt helmets

Samshield, elegance and distinctiveness

Video by Kristian Kery

V-Skin Swarovski

The comfort of V-Skin gloves with the elegance of Swarovski stones

XC helmet

Brings security, comfort and ventilation to the riders of eventing and racing

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